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red wedding // purple wedding

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The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding

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"Kings" + Final Words

Shameless US - Season 4

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First Penny Dreadful Cast Shot!

First Penny Dreadful Cast Shot!

game of thrones | episodes 1-30

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3.07   ||   4.07

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I am so upset, I had a drink made at Starbucks and when they made it they showed it to me and from what I could see it looked good but I waited a bit and when the whip melted the drink was like an inch down from the rim! So they had filled it up with an inch of just whip cream and when I showed them this and explained it and asked for more milk they refused to do it and refused to remake it saying well I showed it to you before and its just fine, well I couldn't tell before that they used so muc

Looks like the post where I was bitching about starbucks is circulating again. When I was a barista I got this complaint a few times. If it was a hot drink what probably happened was that some foam escaped into the cup and when the foam disappears you’re left with some space at the top. Not really the barista’s fault. We’re taught to pour up to half a centimeter from the top of the cup and then put whipped cream on it. You weren’t cheated don’t worry. But it is a little weird that they refused to put more milk in when you came back. Unless you drank some?

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mickey adding two more to his list of nicknames for ian

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mickey & ian sharing boxers (3x05 - 4x08)