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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite BB players of all time, Dani Donato!

Donny “Comp King” Thompson


every time Frankie talks shit about an evicted houseguest


"it must be hard getting any sun in your sister’s shadow"


Wil and Ragan weren't adored when they were on BB. Wil had some fans but most of those fans hated Wil once he turned on Janelle. Ragan was mainly only briefly "liked" when he yelled at Rachel by people that hated Rachel. Sure, they both had some fans, but they weren't liked by most fans.

Yeah but they weren’t disliked the way Frankie is. They got hate but it was typical hate that most houseguests get at one point or another. It comes with the territory. From what I’ve seen since their seasons the fandom loves Ragan and Wil (because of the Wil show mostly). So to say that people hate Frankie because he’s gay or over the top is a lame excuse not to own up to the fact that maybe he’s not liked because he’s a shitty person.

Wow so how long have you been the ambassador to all gay men? When do I get a turn? I'm glad you were able to inform me that I'm a straight girl for liking two people on a reality tv show!

I was elected recently didn’t you hear? Your turn comes when you stop attacking people for good-intentioned anti-homophobic posts.

Obviously something I said struck a chord with you and that’s between you and Jesus.

Big Brother and Homophobia

Something has been bothering me and I keep seeing posts about this topic and I’ve struggled to put what I feel about it into a snarky one sentence text post. So I’m just gonna rant I guess.

I have to worry about day-to-day homophobia from my family/peers/random people but then I go on tumblr to find accusations of homophobia flung at ME from STRAIGHT GIRLS on MY dash because I don’t like a contestant/ship on a reality show. Some of you are so anxious to be oppressed you’re taking on a struggle that isn’t even yours to begin with. It’s disrespectful to people that have experienced true hate because of their sexuality. So what if this is the second season in a row where they gay guy was disliked by a lot the fandom. They’re disliked for a reason. We have Wil and Ragan and countless other gay contestants that are still adored to this day. Don’t make this divide in the fandom a gay vs. straight thing. Stop speaking for a community you have no part in. Stop saying houseguests that don’t support Frankie are homophobic. Stop suggesting that Frankie should be liked because he’s gay and those who dislike him are bigots. It’s degrading. It’s not equality.


cody hitting himself in his sleep

You can’t use Rachel Reilly to support your delusional ship if you don’t even know who she is.

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The house guests getting scared tonight

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bb16 + text posts (part one)


the greatest people you will ever meet


and the worst