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“What did you croak of, anyway?”

I’d love you with all my heart even if you came back as a goldfish

If I live to see the Seven Wonders.

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Game of Thrones art by the brilliant artist Ted Nasmith. The captions above are from his website on each picture page.

make me choose asked: Ice or Fire

1x03 - 4x12

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mickey adding two more to his list of nicknames for ian.

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"There are others just like you." (x)

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American Horror Story: Murder House

 A Summary

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AHS Meme : [1/1]  Season - Asylum

If you look in the face of evil. Evil’s going to look right back at you.

shameless meme [3/4 otps]: Kev & Veronica

"I’m gonna know my kid. I’m gonna know my kid and you can’t have a problem with that. Look, I don’t care about Cheryl, V. I used to, but she’s nothing but a memory to me now. And I’m sorry I didn’t go see the notary. But I would never leave you, ever. You gotta know that. After everything we’ve been through, you kinda just have to know that."